PS-TT60 Stretch Wrapping Turntable with Built-in Scale and Label Printer 50-50 Super Deal Package

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500.00 LBS
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The Prime stretch wrap machine can improve your productivity. Our unique models can save more time and money for your company.

This simple turntable version can save you lots of money compared to standard stretch wrapping machine. But it still gets the job done.

Here’s why:
1. Reduce the Risk of Shipping Damages - our machine can eliminate improper stretch wrap to save you money from damaged shipments. No more complaints or rejected shipments caused by wrongly wrapped pallets.

2. Lower Material Costs - our machine (pre-stretch model only) can lower your film costs by one-half to two-thirds compared to hand wrapping.

3. Optimal Labor Utilization - our stretch wrappers can also reduce the amount of labor required per load. Generally, if you’re wrapping five loads or more per day by hand you’re in the market for a semi-automatic stretch wrapper. The amount of time and energy saved (not to mention the reduced risk of injury) will con-tribute to the return on investment. The optional built-in scale and label printer can even save you more time by completing wrapping, weighing and labeling at the same time.

• Heavy-duty industrial design
• Turntable size: 5’
• Powered by 110v 60Hz
• Max turntable speed: 12 turns per minute.
• Emergency shut off function
• Capacity: 5000lbs Scale Accuracy: 1`lb
• High-end Indicator with Auto Zero
• Label printer

2 Year Warranty