PS-K120 Stretch Wrapping Machine with Built-in Scale and Label Printer 50-50 Super Deal Package

MSRP: $9,000.00
Was: $9,000.00
Now: $4,499.99
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The Prime stretch wrap machine can improve your productivity. Our unique models can save more time and money for your company.

Here’s why:
1. Reduce the Risk of Shipping Damages - our machine can eliminate improper stretch wrap to save you money from damaged shipments. No more complaints or rejected shipments caused by wrongly wrapped pallets.

2. Lower Material Costs - our machine (pre-stretch model only) can lower your film costs by one-half to two-thirds compared to hand wrapping.

3. Optimal Labor Utilization - our stretch wrappers can also reduce the amount of labor required per load. Generally, if you’re wrapping five loads or more per day by hand you’re in the market for a semi-automatic stretch wrapper. The amount of time and energy saved (not to mention the reduced risk of injury) will con-tribute to the return on investment. The optional built-in scale and label printer can even save you more time by completing wrapping, weighing and labeling at the same time.

• Heavy-duty industrial design
• Clutch tension adjustment
• Super Tall: 108”
• Turntable size: 5’
• Powered by 110v 60Hz
• Max turntable speed: 12 turns per minute.
• Automatic jogging function to position the pallet direction.
• Photo eye allows operators to walk away
• Programmable wrapping circles
• Emergency shut off function
• Capacity: 5000lb
• High-end Indicator with Auto Zero
• Label printer

2 Year Warranty

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